Additional items now available through ETSY.COM

24 December 2012
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In addition to Cigar Box Guitars and Accessories; TRG also has a full line of woodworking plans for furniture, toys, and other items. Follow this link to my etsy shop for more information.


Tobacco Road Guitars Goes Native American!

16 August 2012
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I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Keith Stanford of who was so enamured by my Cigar Box Guitars that he made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. He offered to trade one of my guitars for one of his handmade Native American flutes and, as a lover of all non-traditional instruments,  I jumped at the opportunity. I recently received my flute all the way from Tuscon, AZ and I couldn’t be happier. It is absolutely exquisite and as Keith put it, ” It speaks to me.” I’m anxious to get started on my flute lessons, which Keith has also provided by way of some fantastic and thorough video tutorials. Here are a few photos of the flute and the CBG that I made for Keith, but more photos of his work can be seen at so check him out!

3 String with Bobinga and Reclaimed Southern Pine Neck

Cigar Box Guitar Plans and Instructions are here!

21 May 2012
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After much anticipation; our cigar box guitar plans are finally complete! This 19 page step-by-step guide, complete with full color photos, will show you how to build your very own 3 string or 4 string cigar box guitar. These plans also contain a materials list, tool list and full sized templates for a 3 string neck, 4 string neck and 2 alternate headstock shapes. These plans were developed and refined over several years and hundreds of guitars. I have used other plans before and none provide the level of detail or the amount of information contained in these. Just head to my store and pick up a set for a mere $5. That’s less than the cost of one Grande-mocha-half-calf-frappa-lappa-chino-with extra whipped cream!

You Tube debut!

5 January 2012
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I would like to give a big shout out to my friend Keni Lee Burgess for including an ad of my cigar box guitar stand in his latest You Tube Video. Check it out Here.

Thanks a bunch Keni!

TRG hits the streets

28 November 2011


It’s that time of year again! We are excited to show our latest batch of Cigar Box Guitars at my favorite event, the Clairmont Elementary Holiday Marketplace extravaganza. Last year was a stellar year and we are hoping for a repeat performance 🙂 We are using our signature cabinet hinge bridge on the entire collection and have hand-picked some really nice boxes. So, get on out to Clairemont Elementary this Friday evening and all day Saturday to check us out.

A Signature Bridge for TRG !

7 October 2011

I’m really excited about this new design for a bridge that I came up with and thought that I would share with you. Every so often, I get questions about how to eliminate the “buzz” from cigar box guitars. Well, part of that buzz has to do with the bridge since that is one of the main points where the string vibration terminates. While rooting around in my shop for some alternative parts that I could substitute for a bridge; I came across a cabinet hinge. I seperated the two halves of the hinge and replaced the hinge pins with an 8 penny nail that is soldered in place and Viola!…..I had a bridge. The hinge spacing and height work perfectly and I’m getting great sound without any buzz. I plan to use this new bridge design for the latest batch of Cigar Box Guitars being made for an upcoming show.

A Git Fiddle for Mike

30 July 2011

Hey folks, I’m really excited to share my latest project. It’s the first CBG that I’ve built using “F” holes as sound holes rather than the traditional round hole. I found a good template on-line, scaled it, printed it, spray mounted it to some styrene, cut it out, and now I have a template that I can use over and over. I just have to flip it over to create the mirror image for both holes. In addition, I have changed the style of the bridge to a piece of oak with a fret wire placed at the peak. It blends nicely with the overall look and produces a superior sound with no buzz. The combination of the new bridge and “f” holes make a great sounding CBG. I’ll definately be making more of these in the future.

Universal Cigar Box Stand Plans (Heavy Duty)

25 May 2011

CBG STAND DRAWING FILESHi folks! I recieved such a positive response from the corrugate version of this stand that I decided to go ahead a post the plans for the heavy duty MDF version that I make and sell on this website. All it takes to make is some scrap MDF, a jig or scroll saw, some glue and nails and you’re in business! These plans also include a full size template for tracing the patterns onto the MDF. The weight of the MDF does a nice job of providing a nice stable base, but feel free to substitute other materials as you see fit.

FREE Cigar Box Guitar Stand, Plans and Instructions

27 April 2011

Build this universal, eco freindly cigar box guitar stand absolutely free!  With minumal supplies and about 1/2 hour of your time, you’ll finally have a stand to display your axe that actually fits any sized cigar box!

Designed by your friends at Tobacco Road Guitars.

Corrugate CBG Stand

Derek Yaniger Signature CBG, part 2

10 April 2011

As a follow up to my last post, I just completed this beautiful hand-painted CBG from renowned retro-illustrator Derek Yaniger. This is the first headstock that I have built of this kind with side mounted tuning machines. Take a closer look…. I dremel’d the chrome plate to match the devil’s pitchfork in Derek’s artwork. Pretty cool if I do say so myself! Derek is going to show this off an an art show later this month. I can’t wait to here the feedback… pun intended. Be sure to check out more of Derek’s artwork at his own website:


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