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Cigar Box Guitar Plans and Instructions are here!

21 May 2012

After much anticipation; our┬ácigar box guitar plans are finally complete! This 19 page step-by-step guide, complete with full color photos, will show you how to build your very own 3 string or 4 string cigar box guitar. These plans also contain a materials list, tool list and full sized templates for a 3 string neck, 4 string neck and 2 alternate headstock shapes. These plans were developed and refined over several years and hundreds of guitars. I have used other plans before and none provide the level of detail or the amount of information contained in these. Just head to my store and pick up a set for a mere $5. That’s less than the cost of one Grande-mocha-half-calf-frappa-lappa-chino-with extra whipped cream!