About TRG

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If “idle hands are the devil’s tools” then I have nothing to worry about because when it comes to hobbies…..I have plenty, especially those involving working with my hands. From restoring cars to playing guitar, I have never been at a loss for things to keep me busy. So, it is no surprise that when I learned that I could make my own Cigar Box Guitar, it really “struck a chord” with me ;D) It is the perfect culmination of everything that enjoy about my hobbies: design, build, play.

Good design has always been a passion which is why I decided to pursue a career in Industrial Design.  After Graduating from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, I began my career designing retail store fixtures and point of purchase displays for companies like Coca-Cola and Home Depot. While that type of work keeps my design juices flowing during the day, you will mostly likely find me in my workshop at night cutting, sanding, and hammering away to the sounds of the Delta Blues.

In true keeping with the history of Cigar Box Guitar building, all of the components are recycled or repurposed with the exception of the tuners, fret wire, strings, and pick-up. The neck and headstocks are made from reclaimed hardwood and the cigar boxes are rescued from local cigar shops before meeting their demise in the dumpster. Each cigar box not only gives the guitar its’ unique appearance, but also provides a unique tonal quality based on its’ size, shape, and material composition.

Cigar Box Guitars are not only nice to look at but they are fun to play. I like to think of it as two forms of art coming together in perfect harmony.