TRG Universal Stand

This no frills stand was designed by yours truly. It is simple design but, works like a charm. The stair stepped grooves fit any cigar box body and the 8″ x 8″ footprint fits just about anywhere. The 1/2″ MDF construction provides a solid base to keep your TRG firmly in place.

Price: $15.00

Shipping: $8.00

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This 19 page step-by-step guide, complete with full color photos, will show you how to build your very own 3 string or 4 string cigar box guitar. These plans also contain a materials list, tool list and full sized templates for a 3 string neck, 4 string neck and 2 alternate headstock shapes. These plans were developed and refined over several years and hundreds of guitars. I have used other plans before and none provide the level of detail or the amount of information contained in these.

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Upon receipt of your payment; the plans will be e-mailed to your address in pdf. format. The template pages should be printed out at 100% scale. I recommend opening in a program such as adobe acrobat where the pages can be tiled and overlapped for help in taping them together.

Price: $5.99

US: $5.99

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